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Basin Boat Lighting announces the release of the Bird-in-Hand™ – Another smartBird™ product that is designed with Safety and provides a little comfort!

  • Just insert your own battery and this little powerhouse is ready to go!!!
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Uses your own home tool battery
  • Powers the entire Basin Boat Lighting Safety Lighting System allowing you access to the light, Horn, USB Port, Flasher Mode when you most need it
  • Comes with all necessary attachments so you can use it with your boat or kayak model smartBird
  • Ideal for Boaters or Kayakers to have a portable system that can provide light, summon help, or just keep that phone charged
  • Light not included

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      smartBird™ Warranty

      All smartBird™ Bow Lights come with a 1-year Parts & Labor Guarantee.

      All smartBirds™ and paddleBirds™ are covered by Patent US D982,198S & US 11,753,121 B1.

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