Introducing The appBird™

Our Safety Lighting Systems at Basin Boat Lighting offer the safest way to fish on your boat or kayak, and that doesn’t stop at our smartBirds™. With the appBird™, you get full control of all smartBird™ Safety Lighting Systems from your iOS or Android device.


You’ll also get access to weather forecasts and a cutting-edge SOS mode that activates the main LED into flashyBird™ blinking mode and loudBird™ (horn) distress mode in the event of an emergency. The SOS activation alerts anyone nearby that help is needed, and also alerts Basin Boat Lighting of a user activation. We’ll call you if SOS is activated, and if you don’t answer or you do confirm an emergency, we’ll notify the appropriate agency and provide your exact GPS location as well as any other important information.


It doesn’t get any safer than that on the water!


Download the appBird™ today on the App Store or Google Play Store for $8.99.